Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"I hope we never lose sight of some of the things of the past..."

Those close to me who are still keeping up with my blog are aware that I've been under quite a bit of pressure lately. Between working two jobs at around 70 hours a week and planning for a three week trip to California this holiday season, I'm also responsible for creating a three tier wedding cake for my best friend's wedding this Friday (yes, that would be two days from now). That said, I am thrilled to be able to give you all something worth your reading pleasure, that didn't require much effort on my part.

The ever-talented and endless source of information, Wade Sampson, over at MousePlanet contacted me not long ago regarding a new article he wrote about the now-closed Disney Gallery at Disneyland. As you know, I was truly crushed by the news of the Gallery's closing, evidenced by my post last August. As Walt Disney himself said, "I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose sight of some of the things of the past." In the spirit of that sentiment Mr. Sampson has captured warmly and informatively fond memories of the gallery as he knew it. Regarding his article Mr. Sampson had the following to say:

"Lainey, you were the inspiration for this column.
Your first posting eloquently captured how the Disney Gallery effected
your life and later career choices just as the Disneyland Art Corner
effected my generation. I still have my blue Disneyland Art Corner
artist membership card that I proudly flashed to my elementary school
contemporaries to prove that I was going to be a Disney animator. The
card came with the Animation Kit sold at the Disneyland Art Corner.
Today, it is battered, dog-eared and my crudely scrawled ink signature
has faded somewhat and it is now kept in my "treasure box" of memories.
When the Disney Gallery opened many years later, it inspired me to study
Disneyland with the same passion I studied animation and your posting
brought back that rush of memories so I decided to say one final
farewell to the Disney Gallery I knew. Hope you enjoy the column."

I hope all of my readers will read Mr. Sampson's article, as it is just as entertaining as it is informative. The article on MousePlanet can be reached by clicking here. I want to send my warmest wishes and kindest thanks to Mr. Sampson for the flattering tribute and the nostalgic look back at a special place that means a lot to me and many of my readers.