Thursday, August 2, 2007

Horticulturus Illustrationus

Contrary to popular belief, this blog isn't about all Disney all the time. In today's blog we'll venture into the magical world of printed illustrations found in one of my most prized books: Basilius Besler's The Book of Plants published by Taschen. And to be honest, I love just about any of the books that Taschen puts out. But I've always had an interest in botanical prints.

A Much Loved Book - usually it adorns my coffee table.

What is it about these tediously painted accounts of nature's most lovely products that is so fascinating? Evidently these prints have been around for hundreds of years - since around 500 AD, as a matter of fact, when the first botanical manuscripts were produced in Greece. I suppose what I find so appealing about them are the brilliant colors and flatness of the designs. They're very cartoon-like in that respect - simple, orderly, and utterly lovely.

I have decided to add some of my own humble original artwork here (please ask before using my original images) - a painting of some champignons, mushrooms, that is. The poor thing has been residing in my apartment for well past a year begging to be framed, and I must do it. But maybe it will provide a little enjoyment today.


Megan said...

i think that's just about the prettiest painting of mushrooms i've ever seen:)

Anonymous said...

Your painting is beautiful. And I don’t even like mushrooms.

I recently bought a huge book called The Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. It has amazingly beautiful botanical illustrations, but some of the beasties look mean. I highly recommend it for lovers of old illustrations of nature.