Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And Speaking of the 1940's...

I wanted to encourage my small but loyal throng of readers to definitely check out Jenny Lerew's blog, The Blackwing Diaries, this week as I am completely thrilled with her recent post of illustrations from the storybook she acquired, Walt Disney's Fantasia's "Dance of the Hours", published in 1940. It's about time I paid my respects to Ms. Lerew as her blog has been very inspiring to me, and is foremost on my daily routine of blog stops. As a story artist at Dreamworks and CalArts graduate, Jenny has a wealth of knowledge on all things illustration/animation/concept art with a love and respect for animation of days past that is really refreshing to find (her blog should be your first and last stop for anything Fred Moore related). She always posts beautiful and rare finds, often from her own collection of keepsakes.

Fortunately for us, Jenny has taken on the laborious task of scanning and uploading images from her "Dance of the Hours" book which are really not to be missed. The above image comes direct from Ms. Lerew's blog, which I hope she will make an allowance for as the use is really intended to be a promotion for the post in its entirety which can only be viewed from Jenny's page. As always, this, along with other fabulous images, are coupled beautifully with her always intriguing anecdotes and intelligent story background. Thank you Ms. Lerew for keeping us both well-educated and well-entertained with your always insightful posts.


eleonora duvivier said...

Wonderful posting Laney! I am from Rio and felt really nostalgic, specially of the Bossa Nova time. Jose Carioca...What a lot of fun kids had with him. They call him there Ze Carioca, not Joe Carioca, like Walt says on his speech on the movie. Whatever Walt calls him he certainly conveys the real Carioca (someone from Rio) guy. Charming, Dandy, but laid back to the max. I started a humble blog of reflections on Disney. It is more of an interpretative text, and if it informs anything it is only my personal emotions. It is called From Mars to Marceline.

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